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Re: 9mm f8 fisheye lens cap

Henry Richardson wrote:

I might be interested in the 9mm f8 fisheye lens cap. Occasionally I have thought about getting the Samyang fisheye, but the size/weight means that I probably wouldn't carry it around with me a lot. If this fisheye lens cap is okay and the price is right then this could be cool. Negligible size/weight and if it is priced around $50 like the 15mm f8 lens cap then it would be a minor expense. The 15mm is of no interest to me, but for a fisheye I don't care much about not having an adjustable aperture.

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Henry Richardson

Absolutely - the fisheye will be the only one I'll get from this set, but only because:

- I already have the 25mm 1.4, which I absolutely love as my favorite lens.  But the 25mm 1.8 is going to be a great option for people, it was a great move by Oly to bring it out.

- 14-42 zoom: I'm curious how it will work, looks fantastically small, but I already have the 14-42 X zoom, and were I to switch to another pancake zoom, I'd prefer the 12-32 range.  I'm most curious to see if Oly managed to achieve miracles with IQ in such a small package (unlikely)

So back to the 9mm lens cap, with PFOV cameras being all the rage these days, this will be a great addition.  Slap it onto one of the smaller bodies, and don't even bother with the LCD / Viewfinder, just shoot away.  Caveat: I hope the image quality can match a GoPro, if not - then it's a just a toy

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