Autofocus issue with Sigma 10-20mm? Help!

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Re: Autofocus issue with Sigma 10-20mm? Help!

Jimmy C wrote:

If your good in LV and not good through the view finder, is it possible you are using two different sensors in the test. I have the D7100 and there is a different sensor used for LV. The Nikon lens will have the correcting data in the camera so you may not notice similar issues with the 50mm. I'm not familiar with the 5100, but can you do a fine tuning of the WA lens?

You are always using a different sensor with Viewfinder AF. Viewfinder AF uses a separate sensor at the bottom of the mirror chamber, but LiveView uses the image captured by the main sensor itself. The LiveView image is always the more accurate, inherently. Unfortunately, only D7000/D7100 and higher end Nikon bodies have AF Fine Tuning.

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