Olympus 25mm f/1.8 images and price

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Re: 9mm f8 fisheye lens cap

Henry Richardson wrote:

I might be interested in the 9mm f8 fisheye lens cap. Occasionally I have thought about getting the Samyang fisheye, but the size/weight means that I probably wouldn't carry it around with me a lot. If this fisheye lens cap is okay and the price is right then this could be cool. Negligible size/weight and if it is priced around $50 like the 15mm f8 lens cap then it would be a minor expense. The 15mm is of no interest to me, but for a fisheye I don't care much about not having an adjustable aperture.

The glass part looks like a fish's eye, a fish that one might cook and eat in its entirety, that is. Most fish eye lenses are too big to look like fish's eyes.

It looks much more interesting than the other body cap lens.

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