What does "weather sealed" mean?

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Re: What does "weather sealed" mean?

You may find this interesting http://petapixel.com/2012/07/09/us-soldier-shows-off-the-hardcore-dust-and-weather-sealing-of-his-2-pentax-slrs/

Or here by a Pentax rep http://snapsort.com/video/b_-RAzBjakk/Demonstration-of-the-Pentax-K5-weather-sealing

Do a google search on "pentax_ricoh_wr_white_v2_2.pdf"  and you will get a description by Pentax of what they mean by weather sealing/resistance

Note that no vendor (I know) says that they have tested their weather sealing to a standard.  So while its weather resistant its not weather proof.  Any damage from the weather (like water ingress) is the consumer's problem not the manufacturer.

Still the sealing and construction does provide some peace of mind and will allow some latitude in exposing it to the elements and not freaking out.  But I'd advise not to push it like the guy in first video.  You may get away with this for the first 80 or so times but the 81st will ruin your gear.

On the other hand a non weather sealed camera and lens wouldn't make it through that once.

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