Help deciding whether to get the Nikon Df

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Re: Help deciding whether to get the Nikon Df

tkelly11 wrote:

Hi there, I realise the Df is a polarising camera but I was looking for some sensible advice from you guys and girls on this forum. Basically I have been happily using an Olympus EM5 the past few years and have been delighted with the results (you can see the types of stuff I take here for reference - I like having a camera you can easily pop in a bag and isnt heavy enough to really notice it.

Now i realise m43 is a compromise that I have been up to this point quite happy with. However at a recent evening event a friend was taking some pics with his Canon 6D in low light with a 50mm 1.8 and the "look" of the image had a sort of magic to it. I love nice people pictures and it really got me thinking about FF. But I have never found the look of modern DSLR's attractive and feel they lack any character. I realise many wont care about this, but for some reason, probably from growing up using my father's cameras in the 80's and 90's, I find myself drawn to "retro" cameras as I find the emotional connection with the camera itself is almost as important as the images it takes (within reason). With that in mind, if I want the magic of FF but dont want the modern design that I dont enjoy, the only camera that ticks the boxes is the Df coupled with a few primes.

One of people's biggest complaints, particularly here in the UK is the price. At £2749.99 its a bit excessive particularly when compared to the US, where you basically just swap the pound sign for the dollar sign (plus tax). However I have noticed the likes of Panamoz and DigitalRev are selling body only for around £1670-1800 which sounds far more reasonable compared with the cost of a D610 (I realise these are grey imports but would be willing to take the risk for a saving of £1k+). But I have been pondering this decision at length so thought I would see if anyone had any thoughts. If the price was only 20%ish more for a Df over a D610, would that be more acceptable to make the Df an attractive prospect?

Will I see a noticeable increase in IQ across the board by going FF or will it only be in certain situations, low light for example? I have a wedding in Cape Town in March that I am attending so was thinking it would be a lot of fun to take to that.

As mentioned earlier in the post, for reference, my website shows the type of stuff I get -

Be great to hear what you guys that have a Df or other FX camera would think about such a thing.

Thanks you,


Hi, Tom....

The Df is polarizing, but in the end it's a exceedingly capable FX camera and in practical terms does what my other cameras do 95% of the time.

The advantages of the Df are the size and weight combined with the handling. If you don't like the Df handling then it's a poor value.

With that said I would not choose the Df over a D800, which is still part of my kit. For me the Df is a 2nd body and everything else camera. I really enjoy using it and I don't have a price for that. It's my favorite camera even though it's not really as powerful a tool as my D800.

Sometimes the best parts of life are not directly tangible in a universal way and choices are made on taste. Do what makes you FEEL right/happiest when using the camera.



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