Wide angle lens?

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canonagain123 wrote:

the samyang 14/2.8 distortion, including the perspective distortion, can be corrected PERFECTLY, down to the last pixel. this works on JPG and RAW the same.

Nonsense, you lose pixels correcting CA, AND you lose resolution on pixels you have not lost.

CA can be corrected for RAW quite easily, but it can sometimes present a problem. That correction can lead to some lost image information too, if the CA is bad.

Nonsense, you never lose way less "information" correcting CA, you actually gain sharpness and contrast (you restore information).

CA and a little distortion can be more of a hassle to correct than a lot of distortion with the perfect lens profile. If you know you'll never shoot JPG with the lens, then it's not a worry. If there's a chance that you'll want to take even one JPG picture with it, you might be pursuaded by the lack of CA and easy distortion/perspective correction.

It is the same with JPG, one can correct CA in exactly the same manner as in RAW.

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