My big Dilemma, keep Sigma 35 after buying Nikon 18-35g?

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Re: My big Dilemma, keep Sigma 35 after buying Nikon 18-35g?

When I did a more flat field test the Sigma blew the nikon out of the water, no comparison. I think at 5.6 I was looking at parts of the image in the near corners which would be considered out of focus, more in focus than the sigma, if that makes any sense, probably because of the curvilinear aspect of the nikons focal plane which has a favoring of near edge focus.

The sigma is by far greater at 5.6 but by f8, diffraction becomes a huge equalizer. I'll probably keep the sigma but time will tell how much I use it, and take off the zoom.


Mikael Risedal wrote:

Sloepoke wrote:

Scott McMorrow wrote:

You didn't say what camera you are shooting with. If it's a DX, then there will not be much difference between the two lenses at f/8. If it's FX, then the Nikon has more field distortion and softer extreme edges and corners. The center will be equally sharp on both lenses.

If you can live with that, make the switch.

I had just realized I hadn't included which camera but updated it, It's the d800. I just tried the 4.5 and 5.6 range, sigma better at 4.5, but both equal at 5.6 in the center but nikon better at the edges.

both equal at 5,6 and Nikon better at the edges?

Then you are doing something wrong, or you have a very bad copy of the sigma lens

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