Close up and limited Macro usage suggestions

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Re: Close up and limited Macro usage suggestions

With any M4/3 camera of course the main advantage would be coming from the greater sensor size - to give overall better quality - but it is also going to be very dependant  on just what lens you use.. and it could be an increased price cost  .. depending on what you feel about that.

But just as a possible alternative - certainly at this early may seem a poor alternative but in fact I have and use with great satisfaction, a Canon G15 which gives me excellent quality and as I do most of my pics 'about town' or relative close-ups type..the G15 is excellent in that even without switching into Macro mode you can take a pic right up to about a few inches from the front lens.. Macro can be switched in of course but it only becomes NECESSARY if you get to less than about a few inches.
For such as a watch, as you show as one example, I feel absolutely certain that I'd get an excellent pic quality from such a subject, particularly since of course you can setup lighting exactly as gives best results so that is no real problem.

I have nothing exactly the same that I can offer as an example but maybe below will indicate the sort of thing that I do often and have absolutely no trouble with .. indeed I'm delighted really with the G15 as a very very good general walk-about camera for anything from really close shots to the general in-town 'across-the-street' kind.. and another of my favourite pic-takes is in shop window displays..often again being fairly close - no trouble at all generally..

Quite close shot - ALMOST actual size

Again quite close, but nowhere near as close as available

A watch - similar to your example pic - would be VERY easy to photo  ...   and nowadays the G15 can be obtained at a VERY excellently low price , so a very good starter hard to beat at anywhere near the price

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