Proffessional interest in Mirrorless/M43 overstated...

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More proof I am right

PerL wrote:

Lab D wrote:

PerL wrote:

Lab D wrote:

Many of those photogs use what they are provided with. Its not about "expectations" - Sony and Pentax don't have the professional system that C and N has, including professional services.

It is about expectations.

No. Its is not about "expectations.

If you use Pentax/Sony you might find that you need that 300 2.8 or 200 2.0 that you can't get, but your competitors (that usually uses C or N) have...

Only a small segment of pros uses the lenses you mention.

As I said many use Canikon becase that is what they are giving to use and not what they chose.

Here is another example:

Claim what you want, but almost every day we see another pro in this forum talking abou how they pick micro four thirds.  This destroys your arguement that pros NEVER pick these cameras.

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