Which Compact is best For Low Light?

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Re: Which Compact is best For Low Light?

DigiPainter wrote:

peevee1 wrote:

Most mirrorless cameras have exactly the same sensors as DSLRs. For example, Sony NEX-5N released 2.5 years ago had exactly the same sensor as D5100 you've mentioned.

i dont quite see your point, we all know nex uses apsc. that doesnt equate to IQ.

APS-C is a size. It is not only uses APS-C-sized sensor, it uses THE SAME Sony sensor. With the same lens and RAW processor, the same shot will be the same. JPEG IQ? Nikon's is terrible, especially at high ISO, with ugly yellow-green mucus-like splotches and heavy grain:

Nikon D5100 @ISO25600

Sony NEX-5N @ISO25600

As you can see, Nikon's JPEG engine is basically broken and REQUIRES RAW processing.

back on track, if you REALLY need super zoom and you can compromise IQ at LARGER prints or normal prints at low light, then the fz200 kind of cameras (rx10 if u loaded) will do the job.

where do you really plan to shoot? if its not in a busy street i cant see how a aspc dslr like d5100 (or any prosumer u choose) can be much more of a hastle than mirrorless.

this isnt rocket science, each camera has its place, rx100 great IQ PnS with a small zoom, mirrorless a great compromise in every single facet, DSLR great IQ in low light and huge range of lenses.

Mirrorless with large sensors do not compromise in IQ (unless you are talking about Pentax Q and Nikon 1 systems with smaller sensors). Micro Four Thirds lens system is bigger than either Nikon DX or Canon EF-S APS-C DSLR lens systems.

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