Olympus 25mm f/1.8 images and price

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Re: Nice to have choice, but/because....

Jorginho wrote:

We don't know how well these will perform. Bar the caplens, it will most likely be good. But....
12-32 mm as FL is more interesting than 14-42. Purely based on this, the Panny wins. It also has OIS...quite incredible.
25 mm f1.8. Lets assume it is as good as the 45 mm version. At 250 euro, great. But there are busloads who have the 20 mm 1.7. from 17-25 mm or so it is the lens to beat and it is the lens to have I think. Not the fastest focusser, banding can occur from ISO3200 and above. But it is small, very sharp and it is a very allround focal length. I am not going to buy the 25 nor the 17. The 20 mm 1.7 covers them both quite nicely.
If I were to be a new buyer, I would probably go for the 20 mm 1.7 too. Just not to have 2 lenses that are simply too close.

Caplens: fun thing.

Yes but the new 25 is an olympus lens. Many will buy it just because of that and I'm willing to bet you'll see allot more 20mm is too slow threads/posts now as an excuse to buy the new oly ;-).

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