Nikon D5x00 and FP sync (HSS) with Yongnuo flashes

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Re: Nikon D5x00 and FP sync (HSS) with Yongnuo flashes

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I understand Nikon D5x00 models do no support High Speed Sync (speed above 1/200 s) like D7x00 and higher models do. However, looking at third party flashes like Yongnuo YN-560 II Speedlight Flash one has to wonder if setting the high shutter speed in Manual mode would allow firing this flash anyway. Does anybody have an experience with Yongnuo flash and Nikon D5x00 body?

No, you need to have HSS (or Auto FP) on both the camera body AND the flash in order to enable it. Buying an HSS-enabled flash like the YN568 won't let you use HSS on a D5x00, while the flash is attached you'll still be limited to the shutter sync speed (1/200s), if you go higher than that you'll start to see banding.

Banding? again

When taking a shot above the shutter sync speed (above 1/200 for the D5x00), the whole sensor isn't exposed at once, instead part of the shutter will be already moving to cover a section of the sensor while other sections of the sensor are being exposed. What this means when it comes to using a flash is that the flash might fire while say the top half of the sensor is exposed, but the bottom half is covered by the moving shutter, which means the top half of your image would be exposed properly for the flash, but the bottom half of the sensor would be under-exposed, since the flash wasn't fired while it was exposed. That gives you an image that may look a little like this:

(not my image)

What HSS (or Auto FP) does is make the flash fire in multiple short bursts, which means the whole image will be properly exposed even at a fast shutter speed. The down-side is that flash power is cut drastically, since it has to make multiple flashes, rather than just one big one.

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