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Re: Photo of Said Creation...

tjdean01 wrote:

Here's the thread that left me thinking it wouldn't work

The adapter is only about a half inch long with no glass. Lens is Minolta MD. User mainly shoots full manual on film so the fact that this combo doesn't focus or meter is not a problem for her.

As eddyshoots suggested above, I'm thinking something has to give, and I'm thinking that thing might just be infinity focus.

But still, what's weird is that this 50mm lens is WIDER than expected, similar to 35mm. Now is she talking 35 in FF terms, or APS terms? On full frame terms, I see absolutely no way it is possible except if that lens she got a hold of has been modified. If the lens is perfectly adapted her FOV would be equivalent to the 50 written on her zoom lens, or 75mm in full frame terms.

So, I'm really confused here. All I can think of is that the lens has some sort of speed booster/FL reducer modified inside of it. I'll see it in a few days to solve this mystery!

It's good to see someone simply trying something rather than accepting it can't be done! I'd be a bit wary of breaking something in my camera, but if there's an adapter between the body and lens I'd expect the risk to be zilch. Hard to see what's happening in this shot.

FL - I'd take a shot, then match it with a kit zoom on the same camera then read that value to see what the effective FL is. Note that there will be a change in effective aperture if the lens to sensor distance isn't equal to the design spec of the lens, though I doubt the change will be anything significant in this case. A fast prime will still be a fast prime, just not quite as fast the number on the lens indicates.

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