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Some facts about the name change

There is a lot of discussion here about the name change Sony made. Here are some facts we have to considder.

1. We do not know what Sony is planning for future cameras and Sony will not tell, neither will any other company...

2. Sony did drop the Nex name and it will not return. You may think it is a bad move from Sony and you may be right, but read 1. again and you may understand that Sony could have good reasons for dropping the Nex name.

3. Dropping the name now is better then dropping the name next year, when even more people know the name...

4. The problems that will come with the name change are all known by Sony , even before the started this operation. They calculated the real risk and don't need us to tell...

5. The comming of the A5000 shows that the Nex style (as many predicted) is not dead.

6. The problems some people on this forum have are with the name change are just the trouble of a very small group. Most camera buyers buy their camera only to take pictures, they use it for many years and start looking for a new camera when their old one is broken, lost or worn out. These people don't follow Sony or this forum and so they won't worry until it is time to change camera.

7. Sony has a strategy for more years, they will not change this when we post our conserns. (this does not mean they don't listen, ask for features in FW updates or new cameras may be used).

So in short: Do not worry to much about things we do not oversee compleatly and we do not have any infuence on.

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