Setting a long exposure time in camera without a remote ?

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Re: Setting a long exposure time in camera without a remote ?

dwight3 wrote:

Henrik 1963 wrote:

...I hope Nikon will not clutter up the menu system with near useless features.

I don't think going longer than 10 exposures or 30 seconds would clutter up the menu. The menu items are already there. We just want to change the limits within the menu item.


jkjond wrote:

...make sure you have fresh batteries as they don't last long for continuous shooting. It's the only time I've thought an additional battery grip would have been useful...

I did a stop-motion shoot with my D4. A fresh battery lasted about 5 hours. Tried it several times, variability was probably 10 minutes.

Stop motion, so that's short exposures with a delay between them, as oppose to long exposures with a minimal gap. With a d700 one full charge won't last an hour for a continuous shot approach such as for star trails. For stop motion I'd expect 800-900 exposures on a d700 so the total time would depend on the interval. Or am I wrong here, I haven't done stop motion.

mactac wrote:

...The point of technology is to make our lives easier, and this seems like the perfect use of it. This is exactly what computers are for, to do little jobs like this for us...

That's your view. Nikon's view is that technology makes it possible to get customers to buy more stuff. That's why they keep updating the camera bodies...

A desirable option for me would be to set a test exposure with no filter for a test shot, then click on a filter value so the camera calculates for an ND or stack. I'd then want an option to fine tune that value easily. I don't want to be doing maths in my head or digging out a phone app to do calcs then have to set that in-camera.

Henrik 1963 wrote:

...I think that Nikon should build in WiFi in the cameras. And let us take control of the camera from an iPhone, iPad or whatever kind of phone or pad you have. And while they are at it build in some kind of radio trigger for flashes...

People on this forum have been asking for that for years now. Myself included. Unfortunately radio spectrum allocations are inconsistent globally, and each country has control over the frequencies used. That makes it difficult to sell a camera with wifi built in. Not impossible, but difficult.

For file transfer, great if the speed is up to the job. For camera control, a boon for wildlife though I'd personally prefer an articulating screen and keep the functions in-camera, but maybe I'm one of the few on the planet not welded to a smartphone. If my camera had a phone clip on the back so I could either hinge my phone attached to the camera or snap it off for certain shots, then job done (assuming my phone's battery life were up to it, which it isn't).

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