Proffessional interest in Mirrorless/M43 overstated...

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People Don't Think...

Working in retail I've realized that most people don't think for themselves. I would definitely say that people in the Fuji compact forums in around 2006 were more free-thinking than those in Canon forums (both of what I visited regularly). Fuji posters were looking for the best IQ whereas many Canon posters were defending their purchases. And today for sure m4/3s people are more open-minded than CaNikon forums. We had a poll on the m4/3s forum and it said that about 50% of the users used to use FULL FRAME CaNikon.  We were all surprised. So those guys are real pros who THINK, meaning they saw that an OMD-EM5 is good and bought it because it's smaller and therefore better for them in the situations in which they want to use it.  The company Fuji and the m4/3s comparison I made above being of interest mainly only to the non-masses can be seen over the on right of your screen.  Of the 10 most popular cameras, 5 are mirrorless.

I work in a department store and it's sad to see plasma TVs go away. A $1500 plasma will blow the socks off any LCD that I've ever seen; which includes those up to $3-4000.  They are simply the best.  Those at C-Net are shocked. They FINALLY rated a TV 5-star for the first time ever.  Now it's gone forever.

And I see hundreds of customers lose out on TV features such as a higher quality screen, better speakers, thin body, swivel, more hookup ports, etc., just because something in their brain makes them despise the fact that nearly ever single high quality TV has software that will accommodate 3d movies. It's sad, actually. We have to hide the fact that nearly all our large TVs do 3d or else we wouldn't be able to sell them. We just learned recently that Vizio is not putting 3d in their TVs because it hurts sales. A FREE feature hurts sales! That's like saying you don't want your DSLR because it comes with face detection. No, you won't use it, but will it make you go out and buy a 2005 DSLR just because it doesn't have that unwanted feature?

The best vacuum cleaner is also no longer being made due to customer non-thought (it wasn't at the legal limit of 12 amps so they won't buy it although the amperage has completely nothing to do with how well it cleans your carpet!). And it's amazing how vacuum companies have convinced the world that these dirty devices give them clean air. When ANY vacuum is on it will stir up dust and pollen to make you sneeze, filter or no. And even more so the masses have been brainwashed to think a dirty bagless vacuum is somehow better than one with a bag as far as filtration.  They're not even close!  I'm amazed on the daily at people's (non) thought patterns.

Look at the Fuji Super CCD. That was really, really good! Why'd that go away? It was the best high-ISO capability per pixel area so you could have good shots in low-light on a compact.

Back to the CaNikon DSLRs: if they have full frame, then more power to them, because the D800e really is fantastic. But for the APS-C DSLRs, like the D5200 or T5i Rebel or whatever, people buy them because they THINK they're good. But their "thinking" truthfully amounts to no thinking at all. That's what they see, that's what their friend says, that's what they buy. Nevermind that other cameras have more advantages. You can't change generational thinking.

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