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Re: Did anyone mention gels?

oh, what are gels? If they are something that corrects the look of the flash, couldn't that easily be done by switching the white balance, or correcting it in lightroom 5? I never knew about gels, if they are as important as you say they are, i would love to look into it! do you have a link of some sort?

What are the differences when using gels, vs correcting color in lightroom?

The idea of using gels for WB correction applies to a situation when you are mixing ambient light (i.e. produced by incandescent lights) with flash light, which has a cooler "daylight" color temperature. Whatever WB setting you chose on your camera in this situation, it will not be correct for some parts of the scene and this cannot be corrected well enough in post-processing, at least not in most cases, because corrections would need to be different for different parts of the picture.

Unless this uneven WB is what you want for artistic purposes, the solution is to apply a correct gel to your flash. This gel will shift color temperature of the flash to match that of the ambient light more closely (one of the orange gels in case of incandescent ambient light). You also have to set WB in your camera to "incandescent" in the above example to complete the procedure.

Here is some introductory info on using correction gels:


BTW, the above site is my favorite source of advice on using flash.

Kind regards, Tomaz

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