My big Dilemma, keep Sigma 35 after buying Nikon 18-35g?

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Re: My big Dilemma, keep Sigma 35 after buying Nikon 18-35g?

Sloepoke wrote:

Well, I did a few more tests. Everything is manually focused in live view at 100% mag.

On a flat field the Sigma wins hands down. I did a farther test basically 20 feet that wasn't flat, like most of our subjects, and the difference was fairly negligible. You'd have a hard time picking one over the other, one's sharp in places the other isn't. The curved vs. flat focal plane being the culprit. At f8-and smaller, they are so close.

With the Sigma I almost feel Like I'm not using half the lens, never shooting above 5.6. Most of my subjects are interiors, and closer, wide-anglish still-lives. Having this 18-35 is a no brainer, but I'll be doing more tests on more distanced subjects, and real world usage at 35mm. Keeping the Sigma of course would be ideal, I guess time will tell if I take off the zoom though.

thanks for all the input.

I would never trade a bright and very sharp Pro f1.4 lens for a relative dark midrange zoom, especially for use with a D800!

You say that you never use the Sigma 35mm f1.4 ART at the maximum aperture, but you don't do this with the AF-S 18-35mm f3.5-4.5 either I think. Normally you allways stop down to gain best IQ, but when you do this with the Nikkor, it will be much slower..

Remember that you always focus at maximum aperture.

Ok, the Nikkor is a zoom and thus is more versatile, but trade it in for the super Sigma? I wouldn't. At the other hand, the Nikkor isn't that expensive.

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