Help deciding whether to get the Nikon Df

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Re: Help deciding whether to get the Nikon Df

Hi Tom

Firstly if you love photography and aspire to be better you have, in my opinion, to go full-frame. O moved away from crop sensors some years ago and appreciate the fact that my lenses deliver what their boxes say. And you will need good quality lenses that today aren't cheap. That said I have to admit that crop sensors are delivering increasingly good results but I would still go full-frame 120%. I take low light pictures in concerts 99% of the time and full-frame delivers, even in the poorest light. But whatever you shoot full-frame will please you.

The DF represents very poor value and I suspect in capability/feature terms may be replaced sooner than later. Add the neeed to buy good lenses and the DF looks like a poor and very expensive choice. I have a D3s and have now augmented it with a D610 which represents extremely good value for money but with far greater capabilities than the DF. It's a well made camera and while it's very new to me I'm very pleased with its performance so far. Since I have some Canon primes I was torn between the 6D and D610. because I have better Nikon lenses (especially for my work) I opted for the D610. I also considered the D800 but because I shoot mostly raw 36mp was way overkill to me.

In relation to grey import bodies, I would never buy a camera body because warranty is likely to be negated. Look for a European EEC body. But even high street retailers are dropping prices now here...


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