Help deciding whether to get the Nikon Df

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Re: Not recommended when the D800 is the same price

The D800 may have more features at the same price, but the DF fills a need that non of the FF camera can. One is 16MP. All the other are over 20MP. File size are too big. I like smaller 16MP files, and use the lower pixels to improve ISO range. Second is size. D800 is too big. Like the fact that Nikon is going toward smaller FF camera.

Lastly, I have a D7000 with two dials. Don't like the two dials that changes function all the time. Makes life confusing, and I have been using the camera for a year now. The two dials can be Aperature and ISO or ISO and Shutter speed or Aperature and Shutter speed depending on which mode you are in. I end up always turning the wrong dial in a hurry. Much rather have a fixed ISO dial that is always just for ISO. Fixed shutter speed dial that always stay shutter speed. The third dial is either P or A. That I can handle.

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