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Re: Raw+Jpeg = Wrong mindset

knickerhawk wrote:

mb65 wrote:

Thank you again.

As far as my experience goes I must admit the following.

1. RAW gives you much more latitude to play with BUT I (almost)never need it. If I am careful enough about the conditions in which I take my pics, then the JPEG engine works. Obviously not always I get the results that all would want to see, simply because we have differente approaches to image taking and rating. Some BW pics I see from pros have incredible amount of info in the shadows but sometime I like to see black as black and so on. Matter of taste.

2. Having RAW will allow you to decide later if you need it. I agree.

3. RAW and JPEG processing require some standard workflow but I still have not found what I am looking for. Aperture allows some sort of adjustments but then I have to export pics as JPEGs. And then I have to keep RAW somewhere (and where?). And make sure pics do match and can be found later...

I will shoot raw and jpegs in the future and found a place for raw pics somewhere :-))



Shooting RAW+JPEG means you haven't yet shifted into the right mindset for maximizing your image capture. Most of the time, optimal exposure for JPEG capture is not going to be the same as optimal exposure for RAW capture. So, which side are you going to sacrifice when shooting RAW+JPEG?

The histograms or blinkies (preferred) always relate to the jpeg and that relates to your camera jpeg settings even if only shooting RAW. You never see a RAW histogram until later when you use RawDigger or something like that.

In short, you're not likely to get the most out of shooting RAW until you transition the way you think about exposure. Until then, the benefits of shooting RAW vs. shooting JPEG are going to be minimized and you're going to just reinforce your impression that RAW offers minimal visible advantage.

Usually a Natural jpeg with contrast and saturation at -1 and a few blinkies will get close to a good RAW exposure.

It works for me. Plus of course the 16MP Sony sensor is rather forgiving, not like the Panasonic 12MP one of old. No need to go excessively anal about exposure using uniWB or whatever it's called.

Regards.... Guy

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