Is there an SLR with no viewfinder blackout?

Started Jan 14, 2014 | Questions thread
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Don't make sense to me

PhotomuseX wrote:

Hi there, I am a professional photog looking to further a personal project involving long exposures. I would like to track my subject throughout the exposure. Currently, viewfinder blackout does not allow me to maintain visual contact with my subject as I expose for 1 second or longer.

Does anyone know of an SLR that does not have any viewfinder blackout? I would greatly appreciate any recommendations.

Thank you!

If you are shooting a long exposure pic there is no way that you should want to fuss with your camera "to track your subject" because doing so will RUIN IT!, Mr. Professional.

Its hard enough to stop mirror flop movement (requiring mirror lockup) ruining a nightime star shot ...and also reducing ground vibrations via a steady heavy tri-pod too. Messing with the camera during a SINGLE long exposure is not what you want to do unless you are taking multiple exposures.

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