Is there an SLR with no viewfinder blackout?

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Re: Listen, don't just watch - 12FPS lasts for one second

Vikas Rana wrote:

Haha, lol that is a good one. according to you OVF can see the future :-D,

Variable width characters make ASCII art somewhat imprecise.

but the truth is OVF also shows the past because when sensors is engaged the mirror is on upward position

The OVF shows nothing for that part of the cycle - it's blacked out remember? Your eye/brain may have some persistence of vision of the last view but your eye/brain also interpolates forward. (That's how those "spinning but not spinning" optical illusions work - they trick your brain into anticipating movement that doesn't happen.)

and the view presented by an OVF is the view when the mirror was down...

And when the mirror is back down, the view updates at the speed of light - no machine-induced lag.

with SLR mirror either light with go to OVF or the sensor! think again.

Exactly - it's either black or real time but never the past.

And yes its the human brain which takes time to process the information, understand & react over it.

The brain has some wonderful interpolation/estimation capabilities to work around this for common situations. That's why we can hit fastballs, watch movies, etc.  We see the past but live in the present - ever wonder how the brain manages that trick?

The normal reaction time of a human is 250ms to 300ms..

Yep. Now add the extra 125ms of display lag to that. This makes the interpolation/estimation that much harder as it's totally unnatural.

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