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Couple of explanations

tjdean01 wrote:

I was told by members of this forum that we can't adapt older 50mm 1.8 lenses to a D5100 because the space for the mirror leaves no room for adapters like on a mirrorless. I told my friend & she was sad. Today, however, she sends me a pic of her D5100 with an old Minolta 50mm on it! And I asked her how she likes the appx 80mm focal length but she replied that it's more like 35mm. She said there is an adapter in there too and paid like $50 for lens & adapter. SHE doesn't know what she did, but I'm guessing she bought some sort of modified lens? I'm confused!

(Pics to come...I'm on the cell phone)

Using adapters on Nikon cameras is difficult because Nikon has one of the longest register distances out of the major manufacturers (this is the distance from the mount to the film or sensor). You can use an adapter and mount an old Canon or Pentax or Minolta on your Nikon camera, there's nothing to stop you. Unfortunately, you lose the ability to focus on far away objects. Depending on the difference between the two lens registry distance you might lose the ability to focus on an object just 20 or 30 feet away.

Some adapters will use a corrective lens built in. With the corrective lens you regain the ability to focus to infinity. But you might lose a fair bit of sharpness as the extra piece of glass isn't necessarily designed for the lens.

Some adapters are built for medium format lenses. Medium format cameras have an even bigger registry distance than Nikon so there is no problem using an adapter. Not sure if Minolta produced any medium format lenses. On a D7xxx or D300 you would even be able to meter with the adapted lens.

So there you go, three explanations that might just fit. No infinity focus, corrective lens or medium format lens.

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