Created a preset for CV15 on A7r in lightroom

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Created a preset for CV15 on A7r in lightroom

Well, long story short, I had given up on my CV15 and after that I've been looking around for a while for another UWA lens to fit on my A7r, but everything that's mentioned as working is either way too expensive, way too big or way too rare.

Out of frustration I returned to my CV15: it's small, light and gives quite nice results, and I already own it, so I don't have to spend any money. If only the color shifts weren't there. <Sigh>. I don't have the best editing skills around, and editing one photo sometimes takes me a few hours for one photo and in the end I am still not very happy with it.

The cornerfix program and the flat field plugin in ligtroom take a lot of time and effort, especially for my pc, which is now about 5 years old.

Anyway, I really wanted an easier solution: I decided to look around lightroom a bit more and was amazed that I had never before noticed two filters: the graduated filter and the radial gradient tool. After fooling around with those a bit, I suddenly thought of creating a preset with everything that's available in lightroom.

In this preset I have devignetted the corners, pushed up exposure and contrast and took down highlights. After that I added a graduated filter, this preset is especially for outside vistas, one could create another preset without this filter for inside shots, or just delete the graduated filter after applying this preset. After that I have added two radial gradient filters, one for the corners to take away the magenta and another in the middle on top to take away the yellow patch. This I did by simply adjusting the tint within those filters.

Obviously the settings used will not work with every photo, it would still be necessary to adjust most sliders for every single photo, but still, this is not as much work as other options. At least for me. Also, I have already plans to perhaps find ways to further perfect the preset: perhaps one could create an extra radial gradient and differentiate between the lower corners and upper corners, the lower corners are most of the time a bit darker, so one could make those brighter than the upper corners.

Anyway, after creating the preset I went to a random photo made with this lens a few weeks back and tested it, in one click I had almost a perfect photo, at least for my demands. But I noticed that the upper yellow patch area was a bit too dark and a bit too greenish on this photo, so I went to the radial gradient tool and adjusted the smaller filter on top. It took me around 20 seconds to finish it.

I am really tired right now and will go to bed now, but I think it is possible to even perfect it further. If anyone has ideas/tips, they're highly welcome!

Here is the photo, first zero edit version, second the preset applied version:

I've tried to upload the preset file to mediafire, hope it is downloadable:

Lemme know what you think!

BTW: the preset is developed without making use of the lens correction app from sony, I do own it, but I still haven't found the best setting for my cv15. Not sure which is better, using the app in camera or lightroom.

I also plan into learning more about distortion and other lens corrections, any tips about that and specifically relating to this CV15 lens?

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