Which Compact is best For Low Light?

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Re: Which Compact is best For Low Light?

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I would highly recommend the Canon SX510 HS. I think that would fit your requirements nicely.

Having slower lens than even SX110, it is not going to be much better in low light if at all. Terrible advice.

Most canon users seem to put out terrible advice these days.........

Has nothing to do with being a Canon user, everything to do with simply buying into hyped marketing claims.

Well, Canon has been behind everybody after 7D, it is more than 4 years now. People who know equipment know this, people who are still buying Canon obviously don't know equipment.

Strangely enough, my 7D is still taking great photos. I'm not sure what this has to do with giving bad advice - which can and has been done by owners of every camera brand out there.

BTW, I've owned several Canon DSLRs & point & shoots, and I can't recommend one Canon point 'n shoot that would fit the OP's needs.

The point is the 7d was good. All the new canons perform exactly the same. That while all the other brands have been moving forward. So after 4-5 years this has lead to a considerable gap.

Yes the canons can take nice pictures. But a new Nikon will take better ones in the same conditions. Especially in high contrast situations where the lack of dynamic range of the canons start showing up.

However it's loyal user base doesn't seem to see this. So they keep recommending now absolete technology. They just keep raving about colours. That while when you take raws you can change the look to whatever you please.

Still has nothing to do with this thread and one enthusiastic owner of one new camera.

Sure, I'd love to see a follow-up to the 7D.  But I don't have need of a new camera enough that I'm going to go through the hassle & expense of swapping out all my gear to go to another brand - it's not worth whatever incremental increase in IQ I might get.  I stress might because at the end of the day, it's not just about the equipment.  It if was, we'd all be shooting with identical gear.


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