Wide angle lens?

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Let me know

SithTracy wrote:

Colin Franks wrote:

Well that didn't take long; it won't accept filters.

I've got a Rokinon 14mm and love it, but there is a filter system for it and the Tokina that I am looking into. Probably will pick it up in the coming months. FotodioX WonderPana66 system. Hoping I can search for some other user experiences before I take the plunge, but... who knows. I'm not in a hurry, but like the thought that some company created a solution.

If you find a different solution. Filters are sometimes useful, but definitely not so much that I'd be willing to pay $500 for a filter holder and 2 filters. That's a little much, even if the filters needed are huge.

Actually, I found a Cokin filter set hack for the samyang


It's pretty ugly and I wouldn't use it for any events where you're the photographer, but otherwise it's usable.

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