Setting a long exposure time in camera without a remote ?

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Re: Shutter boss $99 and the MC-36 $40 delivered!!!

Gordon Ripley wrote:

So, I try to buy NIKON when I can as they are usually more reliable than 3rd party knockoffs.

Often, the Nikon versions of accessories are better made, and I also prefer them.

However, in this case, the Vello and the MC-36 are literally identical.  Nikon doesn't make the MC-36; both the Nikon version and the 3rd-party version are made by the same non-Nikon manufacturer.

I do have the Nikon MC-36, and didn't find out in detail about the Vello until I purchased one for my Canon 60Da astro camera.  It was quite a surprise to discover that they were identical units apart from the cables - same case, same display, same PCB and internal components (yes, I did open them and look inside and yes, as an electronics engineer, I am qualified to assess the design details).

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