My big Dilemma, keep Sigma 35 after buying Nikon 18-35g?

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Re: My big Dilemma, keep Sigma 35 after buying Nikon 18-35g?

Well, I did a few more tests. Everything is manually focused in live view at 100% mag.

On a flat field the Sigma wins hands down. I did a farther test basically 20 feet that wasn't flat, like most of our subjects, and the difference was fairly negligible. You'd have a hard time picking one over the other, one's sharp in places the other isn't. The curved vs. flat focal plane being the culprit. At f8-and smaller, they are so close.

With the Sigma I almost feel Like I'm not using half the lens, never shooting above 5.6. Most of my subjects are interiors, and closer, wide-anglish still-lives.  Having this 18-35 is a no brainer, but I'll be doing more tests on more distanced subjects, and real world usage at 35mm. Keeping the Sigma of course would be ideal, I guess time will tell if I take off the zoom though.

thanks for all the input.

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