Does the A7(r) kill HDR picture taking ?

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Re: Does the A7(r) kill HDR picture taking ?

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You are right but you are wrong as well. Higher DR is great, but have you read about "tonality suckout" and ETTR (Exposing To The Right)? The problem when you lift the shadows the way you do is that the SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) is worse and results in "tonality suckout". That may not be a problem in all scenarios but saying that one basically can disregard under exposure without penalties like you seem to suggest is still false.

If you are interested read: (under "Avoid Tonality Suckout!")

Here is an interesting and provocative counterpoint to ETTR.

Ctein: ETTR is a bunch of bull


To summarize Ctein's argument, it is generally more important to preserve highlight detail than it is to preserve shadow detail and tonality. To the extent that ETTR often leads to blown highlights, it is not a good principle on which to base exposure. I agree, and therefore I strive to have my histogram safely away from the far right end of the scale. This is not the same as exposing to the left (ETTL), which Ctein does not advocate.


or you could relax and exposure the subject correctly, or if there are two in their mid, and let the A7(r) do the rest

Listen, the truth is that clipped highlights loose detail, and exposing too much to the left produces shoddy detail but at the end of the day if your critical detail is in both these areas the exposure was probably wrong for the shot

let the A7 do the work and concentrate on the composition and light

As I see it, cameras with live histograms make proper exposure a fairly simple task.  Just avoid crowding the right end of the scale, and you will get as good an exposure as is possible with a single shot.  People who practice ETTR get in trouble by pushing too close to the limits of retaining highlight detail.


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