What Sony can & cannot do

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What Sony can & cannot do

Based on following Sony cameras closely since they first got my attention the the NEX 5, and having purchased/used 5 Sony cameras in that time, I've come to the following conclusions as to what Sony is constitutionally capable and incapable* of as a matter of their inescapable DNA:

Sony definitely can:

  • Make phenomenal sensors
  • Squeeze their tech into a tiny space
  • Make premium feel hardware
  • Provide access to some awesome lenses (through Zeiss or adaptation)
  • Create new categories of product / hit tech milestones first
  • Get white balance right
  • Get decent color
  • Provide real value for the money

Sony seems incapable of:

  • Sticking to a coherent naming scheme
  • Updating firmware in response to feedback
  • Otherwise communicating with customers/fostering brand loyalty
  • Truly disabling a button (rather than replace an annoying function with an annoying alert)
  • Allowing users to change menu settings for any menu item at any time
  • Leading the pack in terms of focusing speed** 
  • Getting the best results possible out of their own sensors**
  • Eliminate pointless limits on things like bracketing
  • Making timers independent of drive modes
  • Providing a minimum shutter speed for auto-iso
  • Providing 14 bit output

*I say "incapable", because ::sigh:: given enough opportunities, they still don't seem to get basic stuff.

** To be fair, focus speed is a very hard problem, and price/size/color fidelity considerations probably keep them behind Nikon in terms of getting superior results from their own sensors.

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