Thom Hogan: Fujifilm Will Succumb

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Re: Thom Hogan: Fujifilm Will Succumb

georgehudetz wrote:

It seems to me that all Nikon or Canon has to do in order to quash any FF mirrorless competitor is make a new body. Which is to say, the barrier for Nikon to enter the FF mirrorless market is much lower than it is for Sony or Fuji, because of their lens lineup.

If Nikon or Canon do not introduce redesigned lenses, being smaller, then unless their mirrorless provides near all the benefits of DSLR spontaneity I don't see what advantage it could offer many. I could understand that they would like to sell us a system with less complications though as removing the mirror box would do.

For Fuji to enter FF seems like a Red Ocean strategy to me, and I'd much rather seem them continue their current strategy of making wonderful APS-C cameras & lenses.

Of course, if I'm wrong and there is a way for Fuji to strongly differentiate themselves from some as-yet-unannounced mirrorless FF from Canon or Nikon than by all means, they should go for it. It would be a great camera, to be sure. But right now, to me, it seems like a great way to flush money down the drain.

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