Vari-Angle v Tilt LCD

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Re: Vari-Angle v Tilt LCD

OceanFroggie wrote:

Some of Nikons CB cameras have Tilting LCD screen, whereas the D5x00 DSLR has a Vari-Angle rear LCD screen which wastes valuable space on LHS of camera back due to vertical hinge. If nikon switched to Tilting LCD using hidden articulated hinge they would have space for 4 or 5 more buttons on the back LHS of the D5300 (ie to left of LCD). If they added a tilt screen to the next D7xxx series body they would not have to remove any buttons (ie instead of the daft Vari angle LCD which is cumbersome and space inefficient).

While I regularly use the vari-angle screen on my D5100, I would much prefer a tilt screen, both for tripod work and low level shooting for exactly the reasons you mentioned.

I had a Fuji superzoom with one and is was fantastic and had all the buttons down the side as you mentioned (actually more bittons than the D7xxx series).

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