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re: and it is a really good thing...

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Part of me wants to just drive around all this "Why did Sony end Nex" quagmire. But I also recognize less than a year ago I invested in two NEX camera bodies, various E lenses including a Zeiss24. So one might say I'm considerably invested in NEX and watching its stock plummet. This wouldn't be a great feeling, except that it still is an extraordinary system. I've concluded that for the medium term, it suits me well. So I'm happy except for how Sony handled shutting down/renaming it's 2 year old NEX system. I understand camera models and lines will advance and change. But it's the "how" that bothers not only me but so many who respond on this and its previous thread, as well as those who suffer in silence. I wrote this post mainly for those silent NEX owners. And that's why I just didn't IGNORE!!!

...that you didn't [ignore] - the way they handled it at Sony is pretty far from what I'd call "elegant"; and the puzzling part is that it was also against their best interest, esp. as it wasn't hard to predict that it'll cause unrest and a loss of confidence in the product in many users (despite being so hotly opposed by a few here - this is a pretty hard fact),


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