Help deciding whether to get the Nikon Df

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Re: Help deciding whether to get the Nikon Df

Thank you, interesting to hear your comments coming from DX to FX. Have you noticed a difference in IQ moving to full frame? I am interested as I fear I may be seeing an improvement that the people looking at my photos may never appreciate. Interestingly that when i mention to friends that I am looking at a Df and mention its price, the tend to react surprised and ask why I would need anything more than what I have already (Oly EM5) based on the pics they have seen on my website, facebook etc. I just find it interesting that I am probably the only one (with the possible exception of friends with an interest in photography) that might appreciate the difference.

Had a look at your pics, some nice stuff in there.

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Thanks!  To me, the photos looks much better coming straight from the camera especially in low light situations.  Details are a bit better to my eye in landscape shots. Some of the older photos, mostly the cropped ones looks a bit "grainy" but the Df looks smoother. Granted I did more street photography with it and of course some were not ones I want to showcase but looking at some of my older photos, I noticed a difference.  I'll have to do a comparison shoot with both cameras and check them more closely.

My main reason for getting the camera was the fact that I was looking for a lighter camera to take on my travels that would also have great image quality and low light capabilities.  I tend to do a lot of handheld shots and have been surprised at some of them on how they came out (macro shots mostly) considering a I'm not the steadiest guy around and in some cases it was windy.  The HK photos proved the low light ability to me plus it was light enough for me to have around my neck all day in addition my bag with the other lens and have no back issues.

Go take one out and see if it works for for you.

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