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there was not much news

The item from IR does not really bring anything new. Sony said at the introduction of the A7 that the Nex name would go. This [and the form factor of the A3000] was interpreted by a few to mean that the 'rangefinder' styling and/or the high end crop camera's would disappear.

Others argued that there were to few facts to support that interpretation and that it was based on extrapolation of rumors mostly; they added that there were also few facts that supported any othe interpretation, but tried to get the fact across that to kill off the Nex 'idea' [as opposed to the name] would make little commercial sense for Sony.

Even at that time their position was interpreted by some with a more pessimistic vision as being 'fanboism'; that word is easily used and doesn't carry much weight, but from the same side there have been suggestions of shilling, which I consider mudslinging.

The second tidbit from the interview was a confirmation that Sony considers the A5000 to be the successor to the Nex3 series. If you look at the specs [and most previews see it that way as well] this is IMO obvious. The A5000 release also makes clear that the rangefinder form is not dead, yet. Posters who a month ago thought it was, have now shifted [though not acknowledging such a shift] to the position that there may be an unwanted hump on models equiped with an EVF; that for the moment remains to be seen, is open for specuilation.

IR often does this sort of interview at major trade shows. They often ask their site visitors to contribute questions, I doubt the OP was the only one to suggest it. The interviewers even give the interviewees much leeway, there are no hard questions asked.

I think there is no-one saying killing the Nex name was a smart move, or that the new naming scheme is great. But these are rather minor points

Finally: I'm not sure this will be read by those who who are worked up by the whole situation. Seems a trend to abuse the ignore buttons to avoid reading what does not suit whaty you already believe. So be it.

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