Which Compact is best For Low Light?

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Re: Which Compact is best For Low Light?

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Your best bet here if your budget is really tight is to look at the Panasonic range. The LX7 has an F/1.4 which goes out to F/2.2 at full extension. The LF1 has an F/2.0 lens which goes out to F/5.9 but has more zoom. At 100mm the LF1 is only a couple stops slower than the LX7 but from there it tails off. On the other hand you can mount a teleconverter on the LX7 and have F/2.3 at 200mm.

Nope. As you go tele, you go darker. No way to stay at f/2.3 at 200mm

Actually, you could mount a teleconverter on an LX7 and stay at f/2.3. The caveat is that Panasonic does not make a teleconverter for the LX7. You can buy aftermarket teleconverters, but the optical quality of those is questionable.

How come?

How come what?

Of course there might be chance to manufacture that teleconverter, but it would be many times biger and heavier and costy than the cam itself.

The ones made by the manufacturers are not cheap. For example, Olympus makes one for their XZ cameras, and it cost $200, plus you need an adapter to mount it which cost another $35. They are big, but not huge, because the lenses on these small sensor cameras are not that big to begin with.

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