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Re: I beg to differ a whole lot more

canonagain123 wrote:

Asia (Korea, Japan) is years, even decades ahead of the Western world in many things that westerners have copied, and poorly I might add:

robotic exoskeleton (Japan),

The earliest exoskeletons were US DoD funded. HAL might be considered ahead of HULC and XOS because it's on the market but I'd hardly say the Japanese are years ahead of us.

Given the poor performance of domestic Japanese robots at Fukushima and the relative good performance of the iRobot robots (the same folks that make the roomba) don't confuse anime with reality.

nanotechnology (nanofilm, nanotransistor) (Korea),

Richard Feynman, 1959.

Enabled be the scanning tunneling microscope, 1981 IBM Zurich

Given the US National Nanotechnology Initiative it is highly unlikely that the Koreans are years ahead of us. Possible, but very unlikely.

robotics and androids (Japan),

See Fukushima. Trust me that the US has fielded more mobile robots (i.e. non-industrial ones) than any other nation. They may not be cute like ASIMO but we have them in use by the thousands.

In terms of industrial robots Japan is number one. US is #2. Germany #3.

electric cars (way more advanced in Japan and Korea where they're actually part of normal traffic, westerners only have them on design boards), and so on.

Yes, I've never seen a Leaf or a Tesla on a US road. Oh wait. I have. There's one in my parking lot. There's also a Volt plug-in hybrid.

Who had the most electric vehicles in 2012? The US. 38% of all EVs in existence in 2012 were in the US (71,000) vs 24% in Japan (45,000).

This counts plug-in hybrids where the US dominates (70% of all 2012 PHEV sales was in the US). In pure EV (battery) Japan had 28% of the 2012 world sales followed by the US with 26% of 2012 world sales.


Your claim is simply ridiculous and a perfect example of white supremacy delusions, but I won't discuss that further because that carries a risk of this turning political/flaming. By the way, China has the world's largest solar plant and China produces over 50 GW of solar power. USA is producing one GW.

"The US overtook China for installed utility-scale solar capacity in the final quarter of 2013 and now exceeds 5GW, solar project tracking website Wiki-Solar claims.


Wiki-Solar founder Philip Wolfe said: “We’ve known for some time that America’s pipeline of giga-scale projects would take it to the top of the table. Thanks to a further 12GW still in development, it should stay there for some time; though China’s progress is also impressive – and they have a habit of springing new capacity on us with little warning.""



"Overall, the US saw 4.2GW of new solar capacity added last year, boosting the country’s total market by 15% compared to 2012 and making it the world's largest market outside Asia in 2013.

The fourth quarter of 2013 was particularly strong, with 1.4GW of new capacity installed in total."


We built more than 1GW of new solar in a single quarter. We have 10GW of current capacity so you're only off by an order of magnitude.

Who was #1? Not China but Germany with 32GW in Dec 2012.

China plans to hit 35GW by 2015.



There's a bit of grass is always greener somewhere else but the natural advantages that the US enjoys provides us with a commanding lead in most areas.

2nd richest in natural resources (behind Russia)

3rd largest land mass (behind Russia and Canada)

3rd largest population (behind India and China)

This provides us with:

1st largest economy

Which in turn fuels our huge military and technology research endeavors.

No politics.  Just facts.

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