Just got an OL 12-60 for my GH3

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Re: Just got an OL 12-60 for my GH3

Shirozina wrote:

On my GH3 with panasonic adapter it's honestly faster doing MF. It's also more accurate.Maybe on OL M43 cameras it's better? I'm assuming the adapter doesn't make any difference?

The adapter is passive, just passing signals between lens and body, so a different one won't make a difference. I only have the E-M5 so can't comment on the lens' performance on other bodies. I suppose the AF system probably differs from the Lumix bodies, at least within the boundaries of the µ4/3 system standards. SAF+MF seems to work best for me. That the lens isn't drive-by-wire makes manual focus a pleasure to use.

The E-M1, from what I've seen from owners, actually does a decent job autofocusing this lens. I may yet take the plunge.



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