Help deciding whether to get the Nikon Df

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Re: Help deciding whether to get the Nikon Df

Hugo First wrote:

good luck finding you answer. i'm having quite a similar ordeal trying to make the same call. my reasons are a bit different but i've been batting this thing back and forth for a fortnight, and i'm no closer to a resolution now than i was at the beginning.

i take that as a strong indication that i don't really need a Df, but i can't simply banish the notion, either.

i'm lured in by the smaller weight (size seem comparable to the "prosumer" nikon DSLRs, so it ain't what you'd call small). the retro appearance is not especially alluring but the compatibility with old MF nikkors is a draw. i envision it as a nighttime and street camera, so its reputed ISO abilities are desirable, but having grown to adore the D800s large files, i'm less than impressed by 16mpx resolution -- even though it's clearly enough.

the price isn't, i'm a bit embarassed to admit, not a big stumbling block. what's a bit discouraging to me is trying to figure out how i'm going to get my money's worth using the darned thing. that wouldn't be an issue at all if i was retired and had lots of time on my hands, but as it is, my free time is so limited that i sometimes only have opportunity to shoot on weekends. self indulgence is one thing, but pointless accumulation of material goods is difficult for me to rationalize.

so, here i sit, reading yet another Df thread and pondering whether this camera would be a good fit for me, and a useful addition to my kit. thus far, an answer escapes me -- although, again, to ask the question is almost to answer it.

good luck to anyone else in a similar quandary.

Interesting post, I see myself reflected on your comments in a way, most of my pics are taken during vacations or to family and friends, I am not a pro that makes a living out of this, ,.....what convincced me to spend the extra money in getting quality cameras and glass, is the ability  to leave to my kids and grandkids, the best memories I can take with my camera, hopefully one day they will say tha the old fart was right in savings those moments.....and I had done my best in doing so....yah, this probably will sound shallow....

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