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Re: Wide angle lens? Canon 24-105; Rokinon 14 2.8

Colin Franks wrote:

While the 24-105 may indeed be a good lens, I don't think it's what I'm after. I have a killer 50 (f/1.2), a 2.8 70-200, so I feel that I've got that focal range covered already. The 24-105 starts at 24, and if my aim is for a wide angle, 24 seems to be a high starting point rather than 17, although that may be splitting hairs. Feel free to point out where that viewpoint is flawed.

I can understand where you're coming from completely. The 17-40 is definitely a safe bet and the additional range at the longer end might mean less changing lenses. My brother has the Mk 1 16-35 (which is actually another option as in the UK these go second hand for similar to a new 17-40) and that's plenty wide for most people.  Or go for a fisheye if you fancy something more extreme.

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