Just got an OL 12-60 for my GH3

Started Jan 15, 2014 | Discussions thread
OP Shirozina Regular Member • Posts: 466
Re: Just got an OL 12-60 for my GH3

Zephir 750 wrote:

I occasionally shoot the 12-60 on my E-M5 and yes, autofocus is stuttering and lacadasical but once locked is accurate and the lens itself produces great results. It's my most-used E-series lens, where focus is near instantaneous--easily a match for my 45/1.8 (no slouch).

Also a good near-macro lens.



I second that 100%: the Oly 12-60mm is a fast focusing and sharp lens...at least on my E-3. My two cents

On my GH3 with panasonic adapter it's honestly faster doing MF. It's also more accurate.Maybe on OL M43 cameras it's better? I'm assuming the adapter doesn't make any difference?

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