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Pat: indeed, and this is the most curious part: WHY they just don't ignore???

PVCdroid wrote:

Charlie P Uniform wrote:

And to be honest I don't understand what's the point of it. There are lots of on-topic threads here that don't get the attention they might deserve, because of this endless dropping-the-nex-name=end-of-the-world spam.

I'd rather have ten times more "I'm not happy with my A7, it's going back" threads than more of this incredible nonsense.

It's good Sony said something even though it had to occur by cornering one of their execs. For three months we didn't have a clue what they were going to do. Those of us that were in the middle of building a system weren't sure what to expect. We all wouldn't be here if we weren't curious. It's a conversation that unnecessarily turns into a war zone at times. The real antagonizers call this whining. They can read the thread topic and a couple posts and get all defensive for Sony. If it doesn't agree with them and they believe it is trivial, why not ignore it.

esp. if the topic is so boring for them?!!

Instead there seems to be some perverse attraction which forces these opponents to wallow in their unwanted boredom !! And as a result there is lot of 'ad hominem' and 'ad personam' mud slinging from them at anyone wanting to have an insight into one of the most puzzling, and frankly also most dumb decisions in the recent marketing of photographic equipment!!

Back to the topic - this is truly curious WHY - on the 20th of Oct, 2013, when they first pronounced the NEX to be dead - they didn't say all this outright, overtly and honestly? The most obvious answer is... because they haven't had a clue what they're going to do, yet!!


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