My big Dilemma, keep Sigma 35 after buying Nikon 18-35g?

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Re: You're forgetting one thing...

Modern Nikon zooms, like the DX 17-55 and the FX 24-70 have an extremely curved focal plane.

You can see this also in your shots even though they were taken @ f/8. Look at the text 'poems' in the background (cupboard/closet?), in the picture just above the book you indicated where the Nikon is better. In the background the Sigma is better.

Apparently the Sigma has a flatter focal plane. Or the alignment of the lenses are different, hard to say @ f/8.

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You're right about the fields being different. I did another test at 4.5 and 5.6. Both lenses showed sharpness in different areas but the nikon was better at the extreme front edges, reading the dvd covers, just like in this f8 image. But both were about as sharp as eachother at 5.6 down, 4.5 the sigma won, but like I said I rarely ever shoot wider than 5.6. I guess some real world testing in various distances and apertures would be the next step.

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