Help deciding whether to get the Nikon Df

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Re: Nikon Df

Stuart001 wrote:

I won't comment directly on the Df because I don't have one, but you will certainly see a difference in IQ. If it's worth it only you can decide. I moved from DX to FX and it was worth it for me.

I have bought 'grey market' Nikon equipment in the past and will happily do so again. I live in Australia and use US mail order (BH, Adorama) because of the same issue--outrageous price gouging. You MAY have a problem that needs to be repaired under warranty, but the chances have to be pretty low, and all it takes is careful packing (keep the box) and posting off to the respective Nikon Service centre wherever it may be. In the off chance that you DO need to pay for repairs in the UK, most issues could easily be fixed for less than the price difference. With the vast increase in online sales these days, the parcel post system has improved to the point where it transportation of such parcels is no longer a risk.

Thanks Stuart, I appreciate your comment re moving from DX to FX. I played with a D610 in a shop and the few pictures I took did have a wonderful 3D effect which I believe to be better than what I get already, but its quite hard to tell objectively, or whether I am lying to myself to get myself excited about buying the Df!

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