Help deciding whether to get the Nikon Df

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Re: Use MFT as well

dv312 wrote:

I use both the Df and MFT gear

The EM5 output is superb, you can't ask more from a sensor a quarter the size of FF

However there are a few things the Df yield can better results

1) low noise at high ISOs; MFT can't approach this , not does the D800/600 or Canon for that matter

2) the clear shallow DOF when using the Df with fast primes (F2.0 or faster) ; one can see the clear isolation of the subject to the BG (sort of 3D like) ; with MFT this is harder to achieve; but for group shots MFT has the advantage even at F4

3) fast AF especially with C-AF; MFT can't beat DSLRs as yet in this area; for static AF, MFT CDAF is good enough

The rest is all personal preference EVF vs OVF, mirror vs non mirror, small vs large body

To me the Df with its classic retro design is a huge plus in my books; I 'd never have bought it had it have the same design as the d800/600

I love the dials and manual controls which I 'm used to in the film days

Now whether those differences warrant the extra dough for you, only you can decide

If you have deep pockets then don't think twice, it's the better camera of the 2

if not then maybe borrow or loan one before making the jump

Best wishes


Thank you, great to hear from someone that owns both. As you say the EM5 is an outstanding camera and I have loved using it, and it can easily come with me everywhere. Your 3 points all make sense, points one and two in particular for my uses. I also have an interest in airshow photography, but fast lenses for that purpose would be prohibitively expensive (for me), so that will have to wait.

So from your experience with both, do you see a significant step up in overall IQ from the EM5? Or is it just in certain circumstances (low light, shallow dof situations) where you really notice the difference?

Thanks again,


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