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RX1 - Zoom function

I have been using the zoom function of the RX1 quite regularly and obtain good results. It is not really easy to set up this function in the RX1 and I have put together a way of doing so.
Using the zooming function is easy



The not so well known zoom function of the RX1 offers, in some instances a better zooming result than when cropping the same object at the same size out of a wide image in post processing.

When zooming the original image, size and quality in the RX1 is maintained by using a new form of interpolation technology.

In fact you digitally zoom into an object at a selected level of magnification and then the RX1 increases the zoomed image back to e.g. the original resolution of 24M, whereas cropping in p.p. will reduce resolution.

It is my experience that at a zooming range of 35 - 70mm the results seem to be better than of the cropped image. Even the range of 35 - 105mm produces fine results.

This zooming technique is easy to use when the set up, which is somewhat complicated, has been applied as I describe hereafter.

I. Preparations:

First of all the following is important:
a) Select Image Size "L:24M" (also see IV) that later can be adjusted to select your preferred zoom range.
b) Make sure Quality is in "JPEG Fine or Extra Fine"
c) De-activate the "Smile Shutter function", if necessary
d) Drive Mode has to be in "Single Shooting"
e) Make sure "Digital Zoom" is set to OFF", otherwise the quality of the zoomed image will deteriorate.

Note: The Clear Image Zoom function is not available in Movie Mode and Sweep Panorama Mode

II. Assigning the Zoom function to a programmable button

You can only use the zoom function after it has been assigned to one of the programmable buttons of the RX1 (C-Button, AEL Button, or the right, down or left buttons of the Control Wheel).

For doing so go in the Menu *3 select a button and assign "Smart Telecon./Zoom" to that button.

III. Menu settings:

In menu *3 go to item 6, Smart telecom./Zoom (STZ) and select Zoom. in Camera menu 2 set Clear Image Zoom (CIZ) to On.
If STZ is set to Smart Telecon. this will will gray out Zoom in CIZ. Not recommended!

IV. Zoom ranges, with STZ set to Zoom en CIZ to On:

By selecting a certain image size you determine the zoom range as shown hereafter:

Image Size: L: 24M zoom range max. 2x (35 - 70mm)
Image Size: M: 10M zoom range max. 3x (35 - 105mm)
Image Size: S: 4.6M zoom range max.4,5x (35 - 157,5mm)

V. Storing the Zoom function:

After you have completed the zoom function set up, store to memory: menu, camera 3 > memory and select the zooming position.

VI Using the zoom function:

Select the memory mode knob to which the zoom function has been stored in the menu.

Thereafter, by pressing the programmable button to which the zoom function has been assigned, you will get a magnification scale on the LCD. With the same button you can increase or decrease the magnification.

The zoom range depends on the selected Image Size (see IV)

VI. Shooting:

You will see the effect of the selected Zoom on the LCD.
After having selected the required Zoom value, you can shoot.

Note: this is an improvement of my earlier description of how to apply the RX1 Zoom function

Sony RX1
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