A good small "companion" body for Olympus OM-D EM-1?

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Re: E-M5

Bob Tullis wrote:

LeeS wrote:

Without a grip the E-M5 is smaller than E-M1 and more streamlined than Pen + viewfinder.

Similar twin dial control interface, 5 axis IBIS and same battery as E-M1. The perfect back-up.

Same here, at the moment. Additionally, if/when having two cameras in the bag at the ready, there's never hesitation choosing the 'backup' due to output differences.

I do like the form factor of the E-PL line and the features of the E-PL5, but the EVF and twin dials of the E-M5 I can't give up (unless it's for another E-M1).

Though - if I didn't already have the E-M5 in hand, I'd wait to see what the E-M10 release offers.

I own both the EM5 and EM1, with the intent of keeping the EM5 around for backup, for the wife to use when we are both shooting, and when I want a lighter kit. In practice, the size/weight difference is so small that it makes no sense to take the EM5 over the EM1, the weight difference is only 75g and I find the EM1 fits in the same space that the EM5 fit inside all my camera bags (biggest difference being the grip extension, but that only matters if you carry the camera without a lens attached, which I never do).

So I find little/no reason to take the EM5 instead of the EM1, for a tiny bit extra weight I get much, much better controls, ergonomics and in some cases performance (AF, buffer, etc).

I would opt for an EPM or EPL if one desires a compact backup body, or wait for the EM10 if a built in EVF is required, I wasn't really interested in that camera, but if it is noticeably smaller than the EM5 I may just swap them.

The GX7 warrants consideration as well, but I don't think it is significantly smaller or lighter than the EM5.

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