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So in no way is it infecting the direct sales of the Sony cameras. The only people with problems with the name change are here on this forum.

I've put all of this crowd on ignore now, and it's nice to keep their threads relegated to the bottom of the forum and greyed out.  Here's the thing: One of these prophets of doom exclaimed that because the A5000 no longer carried the NEX name, it was no longer a NEX in spirit even though anyone with half a brain can see the obvious continuities with the NEX-3N - aside from the obvious body similarities right down to the feature set.  And they harped on at length about how this was the end of the NEX-5 line, that this was exactly the same situation as the A58 condensing the A3X and A5X lines because the number replaced it and they wouldn't listen to reason about how the NEX-5 was going nowhere (you know, best selling camera in Japan??).

Now, when Sony repeat the exact same words to them, they treat it as words delivered from heaven, like this revelation needs to be passed on to the ignorant unsaved masses, so much so that it needs a second thread when the first one gets full.

We rational types will just have to accept that some people rely on the divine words of Sony which art in Japan and will accept no less from us false prophets reading tea leaves and "assuming" what went before shall continue in the future.  The best thing is to leave these poor miserable people to their own ways of acquiring certainty about their product lines through oracles and divine revelation while the rest of us get on with photography.

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