Does the A7(r) kill HDR picture taking ?

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Re: Does the A7(r) kill HDR picture taking ?

harold1968 wrote:

TommieH wrote:

You are right but you are wrong as well. Higher DR is great, but have you read about "tonality suckout" and ETTR (Exposing To The Right)? The problem when you lift the shadows the way you do is that the SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) is worse and results in "tonality suckout". That may not be a problem in all scenarios but saying that one basically can disregard under exposure without penalties like you seem to suggest is still false.

If you are interested read: (under "Avoid Tonality Suckout!")

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"Tonaily suckout" nice term, I must use that more often!

For sure we are talking about getting the main subject correctly exposed and using the DR to help with the rest.

The problem with the article is that it suggests that general exposure to the right should be the norm. I simply don't agree with this as you might increase detail in the less extreme top range but you risk loosing pieces althougher. i.e. if you expose to the centre or left you might generate more noise and loose a bit of tonal range in the lower extremes but you don't simply cut off high end detail.

Look, at the end of the days this is all a balance. Its up to the photographer to get it right for the photo. But there is no doubt that with Sony's new FF sensors you are in a better position then any 35mm photographer to date.

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Hm... no.

We're talking about gathering as much data (light) as possible without loosing any data (clipping highlights). That is not the same as getting the correct exposure when shooting but the same as getting the best possible exposure for post production. Do you see the difference?

I can't (don't have much time) to explain it better. You should read the linked material if you're interested and also the follow up:

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